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"This diet is literally magic. I am in awe that in just one week my skin is looking like this."


"It took me months following this program to get rid of my acne, but it was totally worth it!"


"Accutane didn't work for me, but this diet did. My acne miraculously cleared up in less than a month."


"In just ten days almost all my acne is gone! My skin is at its best state ever. I am so happy!"

Do you experience anxiety, hopelessness or depression due to acne?

Are you frustrated because nothing seems to work?

Are you afraid of taking acne drugs with dangerous side effects?

You are not alone! 

We discovered a way to clear our cystic acne using diet - and haven't broken out in 6 years. 

We've shown thousands of people how to clear their skin.

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"This diet has worked incredibly well and has kept me clear for over a year!"


"This was week five of the Clear Skin Diet!"


"Thank you, Nina and Randa!"


"I never thought I'd see my skin improve so much!"


"My face was almost clear after just ten days!"


"Stopped my breakouts in three months!"


"I cleared my arm acne and lost 40 pounds!"


"After 12 years of hormonal acne on my chin, jaw and neck, it took two months on the Clear Skin Diet to clear it."


"In the second month following the diet my hyperpigmentation began fading away! My skin is finally CLEAR!"


"The Clear Skin Diet made a huge difference."

Before-after of Puspita - 3 weeks progress

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Learn how to become acne-free! We will contact you when we schedule the live class, and send you the private link to watch. Enter your email below and hit Submit:

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