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Case Studies

Meet students who have cleared their acne with this program.

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Hear their experiences of how they regained confidence and self esteem - by gaining control of their skin.


Meet The Founders

During late teen years, Nina and Randa were enjoying successful careers as commercial and TV actors. Then cystic acne struck. Their professional and personal lives were devastated by acne. But they found a way to get rid of it and take back control of their lives! They've shown thousands of people how to do the same.



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Experts Recommend

John McDougall, MD

Founder, McDougall Health & Medical Center

"Nina and Randa Nelson have cracked the code for curing acne with diet. These two young ladies are ideal representatives to take this important information forward to a desperate public."

Julieanna Hever MS, RD, CPT

Bestselling Author, The Plant-Based Dietitian

"Nina and Randa Nelson, two incredibly sweet, savvy, and talented sisters, have a tremendous amount to offer millions tormented by acne. I’m grateful they created this wonderful resource."

Neal Barnard, MD

President, Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

"Damage from acne is not just physical but psychological, too. Nina and Randa are successfully teaching others how to overcome the physical and emotional challenges. These girls are true leaders."

Alona Pulde, MD & Matt Lederman, MD

Bestselling authors, Board-Certified Internists

"As both doctors and parents of young children, we are thrilled that Nina and Randa are really poised to be able to save teens from the ravages of acne, through their dietary choices."

Caldwell J. Esselstyn Jr, M.D.

Author Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease

"The legendary transformation that Nina and Randa Nelson have made for themselves they are now sharing with the millions who have, up to now, felt powerless to obtain optimal skin health. Their vibrant story is a gift for those who can now feel empowered to achieve similar glowing results."

John Robbins

Bestselling author of The Food Revolution

"Nina and Randa are uniquely positioned to give young teens an effective alternative to the pharmacological acne solutions that often don't work."

Based on Scientific Research

Plant Power Your Diet

This doctor-approved, clinically tested diet can stop your breakouts. Studies show acne-free cultures eat mostly plant-based, low-fat, and little processed food. 

5 Big Acne Mistakes to Avoid

Your shampoo might be causing acne! We'll tell you why skin, hair, laundry and other products may trigger your acne. So can your stress levels!


For motivation, recipes and new videos to live your best Clear Skin life! We'll also let you know about future coaching programs.

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